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    Duplex AS/AF/AG/AR Spray Coater

    Double station nanocoating equipment



    RSM-AG nano-coating spraying series is designed for the needs of AG anti-glare coating and spraying process. Considering the insufficient capacity of the single-machine machine, the duplex machine is designed. Its output is twice that of the duplex machine, and the machine can output every 140sec. 1tray.

    Device Features

    1. 1. The two stations work together, or one station can be selected to work independently.
    2. 2. Increase production capacity, the production capacity of double station is 2 times that of single station.
    3. 3. The injection valve is not easy to be blocked during continuous production.
    4. 4. Expert in spraying AS/AF/AG/AR, PEDOT potion.
    5. 5. If there is any fault on one side, the other side can work.


    1. 1. The glass has no flash point and no bright spot after spraying.
    2. 2. The hardness effect is the best in the industry, and the RA value is the lowest in the industry.
    3. 3. The yield rate measured by the industry can reach more than 90%.
    4. 4. Potion supplier certified and designated as recommended spray equipment.
    5. 5. It has successively obtained customer certification for mass production introduction.

    Simplex vs Duplex Specifications



    Simplex Specification

    Duplex Specification

    Basic Specs

    Main Appearance

    width to 3210mm × depth 1350mm × height 2281mm

    width 4700mm × depth 2100mm × height 2281mm
    (excluding, exhaust pipe joint)


    Manual feeding/automatic feeding

    Auto feed upstream/Auto feed downstream

    Common Power Source

    AIR type

    6 kg/cm2, 40 L/min M/C Size 12mm x2 sets

    80 psi dry unlubricated air, 6 kg/cm2, 40 L/min × 2 + 50 L/min × 4

    Performance style

    Variety or product switching time

    The switching time of varieties must be less than 15 minutes

    Variety switching time must be less than 10 minutes

    Tact time

    Based on the product with an effective area of ??600*500mm heating table, the machine can output 1 tray every 240-360sec (depending on the setting temperature of spraying) excluding manual feeding time Based on the product with an effective area of ??600x500mm for the heating table of the dual workstations, the machine should output 1 tray every 140sec (to change the parameters used in the production of the AG machine), and the time must be continuous feeding, excluding the delay time of feeding


    Shipping Method

    Method: Send and receive by the operator
    The entrance and exit hatches must be provided with safety guards

    Feeding: automatic feeding
    Discharge: automatic discharge


    Job Tray

    30 set/set

    60 set/set

    Related Applications

    1. Mobile phone/tablet/laptop/LCD/vehicle panel, building wall glass, whiteboard glass, explosion-proof glass, etc.

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