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    Nano Rotate Spray Coater Machine

    Anti-Glare AG Nano Sprayer



    The principle of anti-glare is to coat a layer of film on the surface by spraying to make the surface rough and uneven. This uneven state will scatter the light shining on it, and the reflected light will not be concentrated in a certain angle because it is scattered to various angles. a specific angle. (Used Specular to Diffuse by Surface Treatment).
    Close-up of anti-glare AG nano-spraying machine

    Spraying Agency

    1. Enclosed spray space to reduce contamination.
    2. A wide range of applications, such as AR, AG, Hard Coating can be uniformly coated.
    3. Using a low flow and low atomization pressure two-fluid nozzle, the needle nozzle valve can precisely control the flow and is easy to operate.

    Device Features

    1. 1. After one-time spraying, one-time baking is enough.
    2. 2. The equipment can be customized.
    3. 3. With AG Spray Coater dedicated spray valve and flow control system.
    4. 4. The largest product can be 2500*1500mm.
    5. 5. Provide complete equipment expertise and process solutions.
    6. 6. Provide equipment design changes according to different potion characteristics.


    1. 1. The glass has no flash point and no bright spot after spraying.
    2. 2. The hardness effect is the best in the industry, and the RA value is the lowest in the industry.
    3. 3. Yield ManagementThe measured yield rate in the world can reach more than 90%.
    4. 4. Potion supplier certified and designated as recommended spray equipment.
    5. 5. It has successively obtained customer certification for mass production introduction.

    Related Applications

    1. Mobile phone/tablet/laptop/LCD/vehicle panel, building wall glass, whiteboard glass, explosion-proof glass, etc.

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