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    IC Auto Programmer

    IC Auto Programmer RSM-AI208

    IC Auto Programmer



    For IC programming, the machine automatically picks up and places the IC and performs programming. The machine adopts computer Chinese operation, and uses the CCD (optional) program to teach and edit, which accurately simplifies the operation and improves the production and work efficiency.
    Close-up of IC Auto Programmer

    Applicable Specifications

    1. Any programmer /writer can be connected for automatic mode.
      This device is a general-purpose for automatic burn-in. It can burn SOP SSOP TSOP PQFP TQFP CSP TSSOP PLCC SOIC FBGA UBGA VSOP LGA Flash Memory (BGAs CPLDs QFP) and other IC specifications.


    1. 1. Replacing manual programming sockets to improve yield and productivity.
    2. 2. Can undertake customized orders, programming, printing, film sealing, discharging, and consistent operations.
    3. 3. Change the type of IC programming quickly, one-to-many programming sockets improve production efficiency.
    4. 4. The computer Chinese screen control is easy to understand and learn.

    Application Industry

    1. Packaged semiconductors, touch panels, LCD optoelectronic panels, mobile phones, NOBOOK electronicsBrain, electronics, PC boards, optoelectronics, auto parts, medical equipment... and other products.
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