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    Three Anti-Plastic Coater

    Three-proof glue (waterproof, glue-proof, dust-proof) special spray machine


    The principle of three defenses

    It is a method of coating on a printed circuit board to form a protective film. This protective film is usually only a thin layer (about 30-210μm), which can be used to strengthen the moisture-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof and chemical-proof of electronic products. The ability to contaminate can also prevent the solder joints and conductors from continuing to corrode in contact with the air, can shield and eliminate certain electromagnetic interference, and can also play a role in insulation.
    Close-up of three-proof glue (waterproof, glue-proof, dust-proof) special sprayer
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    Basic Specifications

    Maximum spray area


    Repeat Precision



    XYZ axis AC servo motor

    Displacement Velocity


    Control System

    PLC HMI control

    machine size



    50-60Hz AC220V 20A

    Machine weight


    Action process

    Equipment process

    Application industry

    1. Electronics/Automotive/Marine and AerospacePCB Printed Circuit Boards, Electronic Components, IC Chips, Discrete Components, SMD Design

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