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    ink sprayer



    Designed for the needs of the ink spraying process, it provides the equipment solution with the best thickness uniformity and the most economical ink loss in the industry, and then replaces the application of the screen printing process.
    Close-up of ink sprayer

    Device Features

    1. 1. Special ink jet valve & flow control system.
    2. 2. With automatic cleaning & filter spraying and feeding system, the spray valve is not easy to be blocked.
    3. 3. Precise automatic feeding system saves ink consumption.
    4. 4. Flat, curved and non-flat spraying can be uniformly colored.
    5. 5. The automatic stirring function can be selected according to the material color requirements.


    1. 1. The colors are diverse and can be toned.
    2. 2. High temperature resistance, able to pass SMT reflow soldering.
    3. 3. High dielectric constant.
    4. 4. Use thermosetting hard coat material, with high surface hardness and better color layer adhesion.
    5. 5. Special one-part pigmented Hard Coat ink, which can complete color and hardened layer treatment at one time to improve productivity.

    Related Applications

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