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    Application case

    Facing the ever-changing industry boom, our company will uphold the spirit of improvement, continue to develop and distribute more products, strengthen professional knowledge and technology, and develop our own brand products, provide comprehensive solutions with competitive products and meticulous services, not only It is to meet the needs, but also to actively explore customer needs, grasp market trends, develop more efficient proposals, and become the best partner for customer business development.

    RASEM automation products can solve any problems in the process, including underfill underfill, wafer precision packaging, LED phosphor high-speed filling, die bond silver glue, solder paste precision coating, LCD Tuffy glue, touch panel spray protection, FPC chip resistance and capacitance protection, MEMS and micro sound control components vibrating film coating, PUR hot melt adhesive spraying, etc., the products can be closely combined with various industrial applications.

    ※Glass coating technology:

    After the glass surface is cleaned by plasma, the AS/AF/AG/AR syrup is evenly coated on the glass by coating method, which is used in: mobile phone/tablet/notebook/LCD/vehicle panel, building wall glass, whiteboard Glass, explosion-proof glass..., the example of spraying of the machine is as follows:
    1. AS Potion sprayed on glass is anti-greasy and smooth.
    2. AF syrup sprayed on glass has strong hydrophobic and anti-fingerprint effect..
    3. AG potion sprayed on the glass has a high viewing angle, reducing the interference of ambient light and reducing the effect of screen reflection.
    4. AR potion sprayed on glass has anti-reflection and anti-reflection, which can achieve the purpose of anti-reflection and anti-reflection by increasing the light transmittance of the glass (screen) and reducing the reflectivity of the glass (screen). .
    5. Provide equipment change design according to different potion characteristics.
    6. has successively obtained customer certification for mass production import.
    AG anti-glare spray, AF anti-fingerprint spray
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    It can be widely used in various electronic products in underfill application, electronic component sealing, conductive adhesive coating such as silver glue, desiccant coating and other related SMT process applications.

    SMT related applications
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    ※Other coating applications:

    Tri-proof adhesive coating: It is waterproof/moistureproof for electronic components, PCB boards, etc. / Dust-proof three-proof glue.
    three-proof glue spraying
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    Fluorescent Spray:
      Using state-of-the-art spray valve technology to avoid friction from particle-laden phosphors and high-speed switching The characteristics of spray glue, and the uniform distribution of phosphor powder, help to improve the intensity of LED light.
    fluorescent spraying
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    ※PCB cutting:

    According to various work contents, the PCB board can be cut by points, straight lines, planes, arcs, circles and irregular curves.

    PCB cutting
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    ※Dispensing application case:

    The miniaturization trend of camera or mobile phone modules, UV adhesives are precisely coated on On substrates such as glass, lens, etc., RASEM software has extremely powerful functions, which can identify the angle deviation and correct the coating position.
    Application of UV glue for mobile phone modules
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    JET valve injection device adopts non-contact dispensing technology, in addition to overcoming the problem of highly curved surface , It can also avoid the up and down movement of the Z axis, which can greatly improve the production rate compared with the contact type glue device.
    JET valve jet dispensing application
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    ※Washer application:

    Plasma cleaning: Clean glass, plastic, metal...etc. Adhesion and reliability.
    Plasma surface cleaning applications
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